About us

Unionville Mushrooms has been a family owned and run business since it’s inception in 1972. With their mushroom farm in Stouffville, Ontario, Pasquale Calitri and his son-in-law Ralph Auciello worked diligently to build the name of Unionville Mushrooms to what it is today.
The 4 fundamental principles which allowed the business to flourish under their guidance were:

  1. Commitment to consistent quality
  2. Superior customer service
  3. Hard work
  4. A less is more mind set

Today Unionville Mushrooms isn’t one of the biggest Mushroom suppliers in the industry however, it is among the BEST in terms of consistently good quality and superior customer service. This is because of the hands on approach and the less is more mind set that Ralph’s children have carried on in the business.

Our distribution methods begin just hours after the mushrooms are harvested and involve refrigerated trucks serving our customers in Ontario, Quebec and the Eastern United States.

Food Safety has become a very important element in the food business and in our culture over the last few years. As such, Unionville Mushrooms has developed a food safety program which is managed using Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems as recommended by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and The Canadian Mushroom Growers Association. Unionville Mushrooms became certified in 2008 for being in substantial compliance in the following standards: (HACCP) and (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices.